Matthew 8:1-13, Luke 7


I find the lesson on the Roman Centurion to be very fascinating.

We all seem to look to the Romans as heathens and those outside the “story.” But my thoughts were shifted when I watched the movie “Risen” which is about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection through the eyes of a centurion who witnessed it all.  As we follow these stories in the bible, there are many who should have been looking for the Savior who missed Him and many who found Him that didn’t even know they needed to look.

This Centurion in our reading today, is a man of compassion. Generally speaking, officers didn’t usually care too much about the fate of their servants, but this man does. In that society slaves were of no human value at all. A dead slave was replaceable, like a worn-out piece of furniture. But here was a man who cared enough about his slave to seek help. And he sought help from a healer of the despised Jewish people. You would have expected this kind of faith coming from the Jewish people but never from the hated Romans. Yet here we are and Jesus heals this man’s slave and even more so, because he does it from a distance.

We witness the authority Jesus has over evil forces, he doesn’t even need to be near them to defeat them. But even more important for us to see, is that it was this man’s faith that recognized the power and authority of Jesus.

And we also see that Jesus cares for all people, not just the Jews.

How strong is your faith in Jesus? Do you recognize His authority? Do you accept His as Lord and Savior of your life?


Pastor Kathy

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