Luke 21

When do you think the earth will end?  When will the “time of the Gentiles” be over?  How close are we to the second coming of Christ?
If you have wondered about these things you’re not alone.  For centuries scholars have observed current events and compared them to the descriptions given in Luke 21, coming to the conclusion that Jesus would return very shortly.  And therein lies the problem.  The way the earth is devolving, along with society…it always  looks like Jesus is coming soon.  For 2,000 years it has seemed as if He would be here this year.  For us, this year is no different, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused us to speculate about end times.  Nationwide forest fires, flooding, earthquakes and famines brought about by locusts….all part of our current events.  Who wouldn’t be thinking this could be the end of days?
I’m not here to weigh in on the subject, I suspect we aren’t quite there yet, but I’m no scholar (and there I go…offering my opinion when I just said that I wouldn’t)
The advice given to us by Jesus was “be ready at all times”, and looking back across history I can see why.  The events he described are already taking place, therefore we won’t have much warning that Judgement Day is upon us.   It will appear as if it’s just another day.  
More later….