Luke 10

There are 5 different topics in this chapter, let’s take minute to look at each one individually.There are far more that 5 lessons or sermons, but I could be days or weeks trying to jot down thoughts about all that.  For my purposes here, I simply want to write down “what I was thinking about” when I read the passage.   I’m considering this more of an “online diary” of devotional thoughts than a proper blog.  If you’re reading this and looking for a professionally done well ordered blog post….sorry.
1. The 72 are sent out.     The first thing to notice is that Jesus sends out disciples.  What he did for the 72 he also does for  us.  The 12 disciples we are familiar with were not the only disciples Jesus had.  Apparently there were far more, and they did miracles, etc. just like the 12.   Jesus sends us out as well, with the same commission and mission, and the same power.  The instructions given to them make me wonder a bit.  For instance, why weren’t they allowed to stop and greet people on the road?   Maybe Jesus was instilling purpose and focus, maybe he knew if they stopped to chat they wouldn’t ever get the job done…or maybe he knew they wouldn’t make it to as many homes.  Either way, we don’t always have to understand the “why” in order to obey.  We simply need to trust that God is in control, and knows what’s best.   That makes obedience easier.
2. The most exciting thing about verses 21-24 is the fact that Jesus reveals God to those He chooses.  Many godly people from ages past longed to know and understand God, but were unable to because Jesus had not yet provided the way.  Now, you and I can know Christ and God the Father personally…we can even know their thoughts (as they reveal them to us).  How incredible!
3. The “most important commandment” is explained in the parable of the Good Samaritan.   Hundreds of sermons have been written on this account, and undoubtedly hundreds more are yet to be written.  The only thing I want to say about it here today, is that kindness and sacrifice, compassion and concern, even for those we don’t know (or are our enemies) is celebrated here.  Jesus is simply saying that the command to “love your neighbor” is defined by the condition of your heart, not your address.  If you don’t care about people, then you probably won’t consider many to be your “neighbors” even if you live in the middle of a city.
4.  Ahhh, Mary and Martha.   I confess to being a “Martha”.  I used to be proud of it, these days I’m sort of non-committal.  Martha’s are not bad people, they are just easily distracted by details.  Maybe our greatest failing is the inability to prioritize correctly.  We see the mountain of tasks, and we begin to dig in…but we haven’t taken the time to process the overall workscope.   I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think Jesus was upset with Martha, he just didn’t want her to influence Mary in a bad habit.
Be blessed today,

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