John 6


I was speaking with a friend the other day who told me she had been praying for her children to “hunger and thirst” after righteousness, to “hunger and thirst” for Jesus and then this passage of scripture comes up.

This miraculous feeding happens by the Sea of Galilee during Passover (you’ll remember a time later, when during Passover, Jesus tells us again that his body is the bread and his blood is the wine), Jesus feeds the physical hungers of the crowd, but then He goes on to do so much more.  He points beyond the bread to the Bread. Jesus is telling us that he can provide for our physical needs, but even more than that, he is providing for our spiritual hunger.

As a person who has always struggled with overeating, it occurred to me that I need to take that same desire for food and start using it towards a desire to increase my yearning for spiritual things. And we know that Jesus is the only way that we can satisfy our hungering and thirsting for righteousness. The bread that I eat (like the manna of Moses) will only satisfy me temporarily, but the Bread of Heaven will satisfy me for eternity.

So I think that when I am feeling physical hunger, I should first go to the Bread of Life and see if that is what I am really hungering for. Then maybe I’ll have a salad.

Blessings on the day

Pastor Kathy

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