A quick word about our philosophy of ministry.  I know….that sounds boring, but hang in there with me for a minute and I think you will find it helpful.
First:    We consider ourselves missionaries.   Missions work isn’t something that is only done overseas…we do it right here at home.  In fact, when missionaries go to foreign countries one of the first things they do is learn the language, learn the culture and try and find people from the area in whom they can invest the ongoing ministry.   Locally we have a great advantage, because we already have all those steps taken care of.     So, you will find in each area of the pull down menu different ways that we are ministering to children, adults and the community at large.    The main focus of all our ministries is the presentation of the Gospel.   It might be with words or actions, but it is always our main objective.
Secondly,   We believe that everyone ministers in some way.   Most people have found multiple ways to serve.   Ministry is serving others, and that requires patience, humility and love.   We strive to acquire these things in “ever increasing measure” in ourselves, and we rejoice to see them reflected in others working alongside us.
Really, that’s about it!   We generally find the ways in which we are going to minister by listening to the hearts of the people that God has placed here.   When there are enough excited about the same thing, we “go for it”!    If there are not quite enough, we make it a topic of prayer…and we wait on God to answer.
Hope to see you on the “mission field”
Pastors Rick and Kathy