Welcome to Youngsville Free Methodist Church!

Here are the answers to some of your questions.

What time is the service?   We offer two different service times, one at 9:00 am & one at 11:00 am
Do you have child care?
Yes, at both worship services, we have a staffed nursery for children up to age 3, and children ages 3-12 years of age have a special worship service all to themselves.   We also have a program for our 7th and 8th grade students.   
Do you have a Sunday evening service?  
Not usually.  Sometimes in the summer we have at them at our pavilion, and combine them with a campfire, etc.
What should I wear?
There’s no dress code, and people pretty much wear street clothes to business casual. Our unspoken rule is that we don’t wear anything that would be very distracting to those around us.     Bottom line: you won’t be judged by what you wear.
Do I have to be invited?
No.  The church welcomes all people, regardless of background, belief, etc. If you are reading this, then you have a personal invitation from the Pastors to join us for worship. (and we already agreed that you don’t need it anyway.)
What other activities do you have?
A variety of Bible studies and small groups throughout the week. Youth group | Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.   
Free evening meal | Wednesdays at 5 pm  (October-May).  
What time is Adult Sunday School?
Normally we don’t have Adult Sunday school, we have small groups instead.    Occasionally, a Sunday School class will be held during the week or Sunday after the Worship Service.
What can I expect when I visit?
That’s a good question!
Expect that the people you see will be friendly, but they won’t “attack” you. If you chat with them, they will chat with you. There are new people here all the time…so no one will be staring at you.
if you tell someone you’re new be prepared for them to give you a tour. We love to show off the ministry, because God is really blessing it.
You should be greeted by a volunteer somewhere around the front door. If you need help getting into the building, or parking your car they will help you. Inside the front door is the lobby, where people gather and have a cup of coffee, or chat with friends before the service. There will be adults and teens hanging around talking (kind of a busy atmosphere). There is a place for Children to sign into the Sunday school located in the lobby, look for the sign on the wall. Announcements will be playing on the TV screen, and the Praise Team will sing a song to let everyone know the service is about to begin. Restrooms are in the back of the lobby.
During the service everyone is encouraged to fill out a connection card. The card is in your bulletin, which will be handed to you by a greeter as you walk into the sanctuary. Say “Hi” to the greeters as you walk in. They are always super friendly, positive people. The card has a place for prayer requests, comments, responses and some personal information. If you feel comfortable, leave your name and phone, or email. We appreciate it. It makes us feel better when we can say “thanks for being our guest.” Connection cards should be dropped into the offering plate when it is passed through the aisle.
You should find the people sitting around you to be friendly. Chances are some of them are fairly new here as well. Don’t assume that everyone you see has been here for years, there are always new families.