MARCH 2019
We provide a staffed nursery (birth to up to 3 years of age) and Sunday School (3-12 years of age) in conjunction with the main service. This allows you to fully engage in the worship service. 
Check-In is at 9:05 am
Check-Out is promptly at the Close of Service
Please note…..our main objective with our Check-In system is to keep your child safe. Please be patient with us as we work the kinks out. We will be utilizing the tags you receive when checking your children in, so please keep the one you receive and instruct your child not to remove theirs.
Just a reminder….as soon as the service ends, please Check-Out your child. We care about your child’s safety and will only release them to a parent or guardian with a matching tag. This is a learning process for all of us and we say thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Children’ Ministry Director: Jamie Stright
Jamie is always available After the worship service for questions or concerns.
March Sunday School Teachers:
Jessie Green, Ralph McIntyre, Patti Sveda, Angela Sutton
We are on the search for Sunday School Helpers! If you are interested in helping, please contact Jamie at for more information.
What’s happening this month……….
Prior to the opening of Sunday School – The children are memorizing the Ten Commandments & learning the 12 Disciples with Patty Carrington. Ask you child to recite these to you, you will be pleasantly surprised at what they know!
The children are digging into Discipleship (Reflecting God’s Heart in Everyday Life).
They are learning the following Bible Points:
  • March 3: Joshua 10: 1-15 – God is Our Defender…..We defend others
  • March 10: 1 Samuel 3 – God Speaks….so we listen for him
  • March 17: 1 Samuel 5:1-5 – God is Real…..we believe he’s the one true God
  • March 24: Children’s Sunday – The children will be participating in the Worship Service *please see note below regarding this
  • March 31: 1 Samuel 24:26 – God values people……so we value people
The will be practicing the following Bible Verses:
  • “The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.” (Psalm 103:8)
  • “So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.” (Matthew 10:31)