Helping people locally is important to us, but if that’s as far as we go the church can become inward focused.
To help us remember that the church is larger than “just us” we sponsor a short term mission trip every other year. We also encourage people to sign up with other organizations doing the same thing, so every year there are people from here on the mission field somewhere. We believe that “God blesses the church that is involved in mission work.”
The best picture of a local church is of a missions outpost. We may serve in another country or in our backyard, but the ultimate goal of everything we do is the same: to help foster a relationship between people and Jesus Christ.
For the last several years our teens have spent a week during the summer on the mission field.   Once it was in Norfolk, VA helping a sister church, several times in NYC feeding the homeless and sharing the gospel. Serving others has become part of our culture, and we are thankful for it.

Please consider donating an item for a Silent Auction that will be held during the Fish Fries.  We are looking for crafts, homemade goods, or new items.  All Items need to be collected by March 3rd.  Please contact Patty Carrington at 723-0635 if you would like to donate or for more Information.